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Custom and Contracted manufacturer

We produce felt nursery bag with own brand and private label option according to costumer request. Our aims to produce useful and healt product for mum and babies.  If you want to see our products in your stores, don’t hesitate to inform us. We can ship to all over world from Turkey, İstanbul.

Which channels can we support?

Private Label, Production, Shipment

We produce baby diaper bag organizer, which is one of the most useful items for mothers and babies. We support companies for purchasing  bulk with both color and material options. We also have our own brand, offer special packaging types for a healthy customer experience. If you have an e-commerce store on Amazon, etys or  different platform. Or you need such a product for your baby accessory shop as a bulk. We are here for a great manufacturing experince.


Manufacture Company

Our Production

We have been producing with our production and material experience for years in Turkey for globally.

Basic Organizers

Our standard model is produced by using gray, pink, blue, red or different colors. It has a lot of pockets, it is the most used and preferred model.

Cotton Rope Organizers

Bigger model and more pockets. There are also different color options. We use 3mm thick standard felt and cotton rope

Private Label Bags

From design to production, labeling and packaging, we produce private label baby diaper organizer with suitable solution for you.

Why People Trust Us

With our B2b sales operation experience, we produce baby diaper caddy organizer, which is preferred by mothers and makes life easier. We are always customer focused and analyze  feedbacks from customers and market.

High Quality Materials

We source and process our products as raw materials from local factories. So it is really easy for us to produce a new product from zero, even with very new materials.


We can ship it all over the world. Sea, air and land route can be preferred. If we ship to USA, it will take 4 weeks. Even if we send it to Europe, it will take 9-10 days by land.

Precise Result

We need total quantity to prepare price offer but minimum order quantity could be 100 pieces for our standart basic product. On the other hand we would like to start long-term costumer supplier relationship.

Qualified Staff

Although we cannot make customer visits due to Covid 19, we would like to listen to you through online meetings and offer the most appropriate solution.

Latest Case Studies

Question; I have a store at Amazon US. How can you support?

Answer: We provide competitive price with our standard products. Even if we do not manufacture in China, our products will be economical. We are a manufacturer with both amazon experience and we understand you very well.


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