basic felt Baby Diaper caddy Organizers

These products are made of 3mm thick felt of different colors and are one of the most useful helpers of new mothers while their babies are growing. Baby Diaper caddy organizer is available in pink, blue, gray, black, red colors and can be produced in different colors if desired. All of the production parts take place in the factory owned by in Turkey.

What is felt diaper caddy and specs?

In simple terms, we can define the usage purpose of baby diaper organizer  as follows. Mother, father or parents change their baby’s diaper very often. However, they also need some very necessary additional items in the room. Towels, wipes, toys, baby bottles, cream, powder or much more. Comprising a total of 11 pockets and compartments, these bags are an ideal partner for home use. You can caddy anything you need when you change your baby’s diaper.

It can be easily removed with its velcro parts. In addition, with its folding design, it does not take up space in the house when it is not used. It is a product with 16x10x7 inch outer dimensions. There are a total of 8 pockets outside and 3 pockets inside. It is suitable for use at home, in the car, in the office or outside. It can be washed in the washing machine at low temperature. Pocket include our cotton label and best wishes cards.


What we offer? what is our advantages?

First of all, we are a manufacturer company as That’s why we don’t have retail and only wholesale. If you want to be our dealer, or if you are interested in buying wholesale, we can share our prices. We would like to contact entrepreneur companies have e-commerce stores;  brands- using baby accessories, supermarkets, hospitals or people who want to create their own brand. Here you can contact directly. 

Frequently asked questions about Basic Baby diaper caddy organizer

Question 1: What is your minimum order quantity and what is your shipping time after ordering process?

Answer 1 : Normally we have enough critical stock for our basic products and they are gray, blue, pink and red colour baby diaper caddy organizer bag. MOQ is 100 pieces and we can arrange a shipping plan and ship you as soon as possible after arrange delivery type and it could be by eco-air, air express (DHL, TNT FEDEX, UPS), by sea and partial container or by land. It depends on where you are located in. 

Question 2: What is your packing types?

Answer 2: We are aware that packaging is a healthy and critical requirement. We also know that differentiated packaging solutions change consumer purchasing behavior and we improve ourselves. The good thing about producing this nursery bag is that you can easily make changes. You can use our own brand packages more economically. We can also custom print for you. That’s why we love production and manufacturing baby diaper caddy organizer bag. You have a PVC transparent bag or cardboard solution.

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